Do you have a duplex and want to make it more appealing for rental or sale? No worries, as staging the duplex can cover your needs. Home staging for a duplex involves services that prepare and decorate both units of a duplex to make them more appealing for potential renters or buyers. The primary aim of duplex staging is to showcase the actual potential of the property, help renters or buyers think of themselves living in the property, and maximize the value. Here are some of the things that you can expect from duplex staging services.

  •   Decluttering and cleaning: The service will start by cleaning both units of the duplex. A professional stager will ensure that every room in the property, along with every corner and surface, is spotless. Decluttering is necessary for making the space feel more spacious and open. It is generally done by removing excess furniture and personal belongings.
  •   Neutralizing decor: In the next step, the stager will use neutral color schemes for the décor, furnishings, and walls. Using neutral colors can help create a blank canvas that would allow potential renters or buyers to imagine their own style in the property.
  •   Defining the function of every space in the duplex: The stager will clearly define each room of the property. For instance, if the property has a spare bedroom in one of the units, it might get staged as a guest bedroom or home office so that potential renters or buyers can visualize how the space can be utilized.
  •   Highlighting features: A professional stager will try to showcase all the unique features of the duplex property, like private outdoor spaces, separate entrances, or updated bathrooms and kitchens. If the property has a shared outdoor area, it will also be staged to make it look inviting and well-maintained.
  •   Lighting: The stager will ensure that both units have enough lighting to highlight all the property’s best features. Light blinds and curtains might be used to allow natural light in the rooms. Artificial lighting might be added as required to brighten up the darker areas. Stylish lighting fixtures can uplift and improve the property’s overall ambiance. 
  •   Furnishing both units: A stager will try to stage both units, even when one is used for storage or sits vacant. Staging both units will help buyers or renters understand the property’s potential.
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