If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you already know you want to sell it quickly and for as much profit as you can get. Residential home staging, aka maximizing your home’s features to make it as attractive as possible to buyers, is the key to getting the results you want. But what exactly does this process entail? 

Keep in mind that different staging professionals offer various levels of service and may or may not include all the items you see above. You can shop around a bit to find the staging service that best fits your needs and budget. Residential home staging is well worth your time and money because it’s a proven method for attracting more potential buyers and selling your home for higher profits.


Decluttering and depersonalization

A professional home stager helps you clear out the clutter and remove personal items so that potential buyers can see the home as more of a blank slate and begin to visualize themselves living in that space.

Cleaning and painting

Stagers will have the house cleaned from top to bottom to show off the home’s features without those pesky cobwebs or grout stains. They may also paint the walls in more neutral colors to allow potential buyers to consider fresh decor options. 

Furniture arrangement

A professional stager arranges the furniture (and, in some cases, may bring in new pieces) to maximize the space in each room and showcase the possibilities for potential buyers. This better helps them imagine themselves and their furniture in the same spaces.


A change in lighting can change the look and feel of a room, so stagers will work with natural light, overhead light, and floor lighting or task lamps to ensure that every room looks its best for potential buyers.

Minor repairs

Minor repairs, like tacking a loose piece of trim or fixing a drooping closet door, can make a world of difference in helping a room appear well-maintained and put together. Stagers identify and have small items repaired to maximize the home’s appeal.

Outdoor spaces

Stagers want every aspect of the home to entice potential buyers, and that means the best impression needs to start with the first impression. They’ll ensure that lawns and landscaping stay neat and that hardscaping gets a good cleaning and staging, as well.