Selling a home is both an art and a science. As professional Los Angeles stagers, we understand how to prepare properties to captivate buyers in this competitive market. One of the first decisions sellers face is whether to stage a vacant or occupied home. While both approaches have advantages, the best option depends largely on your specific home and objectives.

Vacant Staging: A Blank Canvas

Staging an unoccupied home allows for a blank canvas approach. With the freedom to incorporate any style, layout and accessories, stagers can create an impactful vision showcasing the property’s potential.

We begin by carefully evaluating the home’s architecture, layout and target buyers. Next, we develop a cohesive design concept to define and connect spaces. For example, opening up smaller rooms with mirrored accents or using neutral tones to brighten dark interiors. Our stagers then layer in furniture, artwork and decor to bring that concept to life.

Vacant staging helps buyers envision themselves living in the home. By styling functional spaces and vignettes, we allow potential owners to begin mentally customizing the property. Where could they relax by the fireplace? How would they utilize the open concept kitchen? This emotional visualization sparks meaningful connections.

Occupied Staging: Enhancing What’s There

Alternatively, an occupied home contains existing furniture and belongings. Occupied staging involves showcasing positives while minimizing distractions.

We thoroughly evaluate occupied spaces to determine enhancement opportunities, from decluttering to furniture rearrangement. By carefully editing and building upon original features, stagers transform lived-in homes into marketable showpieces.

Preserving some personalized elements also has advantages. Artwork, collections and accessories give a glimpse into how current owners use and enjoy the home. Sparking that lifestyle visualization while maintaining style neutrality is an artful balance.

Tailoring the Approach

In our experience, vacant staging offers more creative control, while occupied staging provides added personalization. But every home and seller have unique needs.

As Los Angeles stagers, we consider many factors when recommending the best approach, including budget, timeline and target buyers. A contemporary bachelor pad may suit dramatic vacant staging, while a family-sized property could highlight livability through occupied staging.

Regardless of the approach, our focus is creating spaces future owners will absolutely fall in love with.

The Staging Process

To maximize results, stagers follow a systematic process for preparing properties. Here’s an inside look:

Initial Consultation

The consultation allows stagers to view the home and assess sellers’ objectives. Key discussion points include:

  • Property features to emphasize
  • Design tastes and lifestyle
  • Budget and timeline
  • Reasons for selling and potential buyer demographics

Stagers then explain staging approaches and services. From full-service designs to rentals and consultations, customizable solutions help sellers achieve goals on their terms.

Property Evaluation

All homes receive an extensive 8-point FEEL HOME evaluation guiding enhancement opportunities:

  1. First Impressions: Curb appeal and entryway
  2. Eliminating Clutter: Clearing clutter to highlight architectural details
  3. Emphasizing the Positive: Playing up best features through staging
  4. Lighting Layers: Incorporating varied lighting for warmth and function
  5. Home Buyer Appeal: Designing with target buyers in mind
  6. Obligations in Repair and Replacement: Assessing areas needing improvement
  7. Modernizing: Updating any dated elements
  8. Emotional Connection Points: Creating “wow factor”-moments

Furniture Delivery and Installation

With the strategy complete, stagers meticulously select the ideal furniture, décor, and accessories from our inventory to complement the staging. For vacant properties, our team coordinates the delivery of the staged items, ensuring seamless assembly and installation upon arrival. Occupied staging may involve removing, storing and replacing existing furnishings. Please note we do not store client’s belongings but we can make recommendations.

Finishing Touches

Finally, stagers perfect all details, ensuring show-ready spaces. From artful pillow arranging to testing smart home integrations, no aspect goes overlooked.

Why Invest in Professional Staging?

Staged homes spend less time on the market and sell for higher prices. By turning houses into enviable dream homes, stagers guide buyers straight from the tour to a compelling offer.

For sellers, the small upfront investment pays off exponentially in the end. Not to mention, staging relieves major stress during an already hectic time.

As top Los Angeles stagers, transforming properties is our specialty. Our experienced team handles all staging details, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

Trust Bionki Interiors for Show-Stopping Style

Selling a home is a monumental life event. As professional Los Angeles stagers, we make the process as smooth and successful as possible. Our tailored staging elevates home appeal, while personalized guidance provides much-needed support.

Contact us today to get started!

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