The primary differences between complete and basic home staging services can be found in the kind of service and attention to detail provided. Both services aim to improve the overall appeal of a property for renters or potential buyers. However, they tend to vary in scope and the kind of transformation done in the space. Let’s have a look at the key differences between both types of staging services.

Scope of service: Basic home staging primarily concentrates on essential property areas, like the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. A professional might also address specific additional spaces of the property; however, every room will not be included. The goal of basic home staging is to deliver a positive impression without doing any kind of huge modification. On the other hand, complete home staging will cover the overall property, from the rooms to the outdoor areas and hallways. A professional stager will opt for a comprehensive approach, ensuring that every corner of the property is presented in the best possible way. It involves addressing all those spaces that are typically not paid attention to in basic staging.

Detailing level: In the case of basic home staging, a stager will focus on cost-effective and simple improvements. It might involve the arrangement of furniture, decluttering, minor repairs, and basic décor. The aim is to make a property look inviting and presentable with the least amount of capital investment. A higher level of design sophistication and detail is involved for complete home staging. A stager will focus on lighting, décor, artwork, and developing an atmosphere for every room. The goal is to make a property look stunning and something that could easily evoke an emotional attachment with the buyers.

Customization: A more generic approach is used for basic home staging that tends to appeal to a larger audience. If you opt for a professional stager, they might go for neutral colors, minimal décor, and standard furniture to attract the largest percentage of potential buyers. But for complete home staging, the services are more personalized and tailored in a way that could focus on the specific features of the property. A variety of décor elements and design styles are used to serve different buyer demographics.

Cost: If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, basic home staging is the best option. It is an excellent way for property owners with limited resources to make improvements to their properties. The investment cost will be a bit higher with complete home staging. This is because complete home staging needs more effort, time, and attention to detail.

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