A dining room or kitchen can be a tricky place for staging. Some dining rooms or kitchens are small, come with very little light, or share space with the living room. A dining space should be set up in a comfortable way with proper lighting. It is true that a dining room or kitchen eat-in dining area may be used less often compared to any other space in a home, but it is something that a stager should always pay attention to. Potential buyers would like to imagine themselves in every corner of their new home, including the dining room. Here are some tips that can significantly help you stage your dining room.

Upgrade Lights

Upgrading lights in the dining room is one of the easiest ways of elevating the look of your dining room. If you have a dining table set, go for lighting that can easily coordinate with the set. You might use the dining room in the evening or during special occasions. However, potential buyers will most likely visit your place during the day, so try to bring in as much natural light as possible. At the time of the house tour, keep the curtains open. Adding a mirror to bounce the light and using neutral wall colors can also help.

Keeping It Simple

Try your best to keep the dining room simple. There is no need to go overboard by adding extra items or décor to the room. Keeping things simple can do the work the majority of the time. Also, make sure that there is no sort of clutter in the dining room. The potential buyers would not want to imagine enjoying themselves with their family in the dining room with your belongings. Remove anything that could turn out to be a barrier to your buyer’s imagination. You can surely have things in the room, but ensure that you do not have a pile of your belongings lying around.

Traffic Flow

When you opt for staging a home, it is necessary to showcase its spaciousness. If the dining table set you have comes with eight chairs, remove two and show six. You can place the two chairs on either side of the window or beside a cabinet. You need to ensure that potential buyers can move around easily in the dining room without feeling blocked. If your dining room is small, you can move the dining table right against the wall to have a spacious center.

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