Most real estate gurus suggest you remove all sorts of personal decorations from the property when you sell it, which also means holiday decorations. Also, it will be recommended to stage the home as per the season. This contradiction may be confusing for certain sellers as they end up equating holiday-specific themes with seasonal staging. There is a significant difference between seasonal staging and holiday decorating in the design forum, and your home stager, real estate agent, or interior designer wants you to focus on the former. 

Here’s the difference: one focuses on using religious or personalized décor, and the pays attention to things such as tones and colors that can be linked with the time of the year. It is necessary to understand that every season is unique, and what homeowners want their abode to feel like in various seasons will also differ. For example, at the time of fall, most homeowners would like their home to feel cozy and warm and, in the same way, airy and open at the time of spring.

Based on when someone is trying to sell their home, it is necessary to make a potential buyer feel exactly what they would like to experience in their new home during that season. How is it possible to stage for the seasons? It is pretty simple. All you must do is look at each season and discover what it represents. After you are done with this, figure out the tones and colors that would not only help define the season but also the desires of a person during that time. Let us have a look at some tips related to seasonal home staging.

  • Spring: It is well-known as the season of renewal, so things tend to be new and fresh. Dead and old plants must be removed from the house, and colorful new flowers should be planted. The aim is to keep things clean and bright. In the interior, use accent colors, such as light green, light blue, or yellow. Try your best to allow plenty of natural light in the house.
  • Summer: Summer is connected to being outdoors. You will have to ensure that your home is staged the right way outside as well. Weed the beds and mow the lawn. Organizing the patio and keeping it clean can add a fresh vibe. Some colors that can work great for this season are sandy tan, crisp white, and vibrant colors.
  • Winter: Winter is the coldest time of the year and is associated with a cool color palate. It is an elegant time of the year during which colors like silver, red, deep greens, and white can add a homely touch.
  • Fall: This season is all about the explosion of colors, which can be well-represented with warm tones. Dark greens, browns, oranges, and reds are some of the prominent color choices during this time. You can go for checkered patterns as they can represent a homely feeling that most people want in their homes during this season.
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