Home staging is one of the most trending topics in the real estate sector. Most people think that home staging is only meant for houses, but that is not the case. There exists residential staging as well that serves the same purpose. If someone is willing to rent or sell an apartment, having a clear idea regarding how to stage the same can appeal to the correct people. Staging apartments is equally important as staging single-family homes. 

Staging an Apartment

Since apartment staging is not as widely discussed, is it much different from the concept of home staging? The goal of staging, regardless of whether it is a big mansion or a studio apartment, is the same. The aim is to rent or sell the property at the highest value and in the least amount of time. It is achieved with the help of staging by showcasing the absolute value of every home. The only difference between staging a home and an apartment is from the marketing POV. It differs by location and amount of space. There might be exceptions; the majority of apartments can be found in cities and are smaller than houses. But despite such differences, the basic steps are all the same.

Ways of Staging an Apartment

When it comes to staging an apartment, there are three methods. The most well-known staging type for apartments is vacant staging. In this, all the décor and furniture are removed. Another type of apartment staging is occupied home staging, done when the apartment’s occupants still live in the space. Virtual staging is the process of adding digital décor and furniture to the photos of a property. It is used to fill up a vacant space or replace existing furniture. Virtual staging is not a common choice for most real estate professionals. However, it comes with tons of benefits for staging condos, apartments, or duplexes. It takes less than one day, and there is no requirement to move even a single piece of furniture. The final look will be the one presented to potential buyers or renters.

Tips for Seamless Staging

  • Try to take note of all the repairs that are required. Even when someone creates a clutter-free space, it will fail to make the maximum impact on buyers when there are crooked cabinet doors, burnt lightbulbs, and so on.
  • Decluttering the property is a must. The aim is to make a positive impression on renters or buyers. Also, it is necessary to make sure that the potential buyers or renters can establish an emotional connection with their future home. Decluttering helps in bringing out the authentic look of an apartment.
  • Add enough lighting. It plays an essential role in elevating the outlook of a property. If possible, increasing the prospects of natural light will work wonders.

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